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Holistic Teaching FAQs

Questions about holistic teaching evaluation and portfolio development

What is the goal of moving to a holistic evaluation process

  • Answer: There are two goals of moving to a holistic teaching evaluation process.

    First, in reference to evaluation of teaching, APM-210 states: “More than one kind of evidence shall accompany each review file.” However, on the UC San Diego campus we have been overly reliant on student evaluation data for overall teaching evaluation. The holistic evaluation process will broaden and strengthen the teaching and mentoring evaluation process by incorporating more sources of evidence and providing a more complete picture of a candidate’s teaching.

    Second, the holistic evaluation process will elevate the engagement and discussion around teaching and mentoring on our campus by asking faculty to reflect on their teaching and mentoring strengths and their opportunities to continually grow as a teacher and mentor.

How is the new teaching evaluation process different from the current teaching evaluation process?

  • Answer: The new evaluation process aims to paint a fuller picture of an individual faculty member’s teaching using multiple data points, rather than relying solely on CAPEs (SETs) to assess strong teaching. This is a chance for faculty to narrativize their teaching and better showcase their hard work.

I've heard something about a teaching and mentoring statement and portfolio being required. What does that mean?

  • Answer: With holistic teaching evaluation, all faculty will be asked to submit a teaching and/or mentoring statement and a teaching portfolio. The Holistic Teaching Evaluation Oversight Committee is finalizing the instructors for the statement and portfolio, and we will post information soon. In the meantime, you can get a sense for what this will look like by reading the Holistic Teaching Evaluation Implementation Task Force report (PDF).

I’m being reviewed this year. Can I submit a teaching portfolio?

  • Answer: Yes! Faculty are encouraged to start submitting a teaching portfolio at any point in this process. In fact, many campus faculty have already been submitting a portfolio. However, the precise instructions and expectations for portfolios are still being developed, so we ask that you keep an eye on this site (and your email) as you are getting ready to prepare your materials.  We will be updating the materials and rolling out calls for people who are willing to officially pilot the new holistic review process in their next review.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions you have.

How much more time will this take?

  • Answer: There is no exact or precise answer here, but it will take some additional time if this is the first time pulling together the portfolio documents and writing about teaching. To cut down on the time it takes, faculty members can keep a running list of their accomplishments at UCSD and/or save their syllabi and teaching evaluations at the end of each quarter.

Will the campus be providing additional staff support and resources for this additional work?

  • Answer: The campus will not be providing additional staff support. However, the Commons has multiple resources to support faculty in developing their teaching and mentoring portfolios and statements. Additionally, AP staff have been active members of the Holistic Teaching Evaluation Oversight Committee (HTOC) committee and the committee will continue to work closely with those supporting the review process.

Faculty can also reach out to the Teaching + Learning Commons for support on putting together a portfolio or look at this useful workbook on documenting and reflecting on teaching (from T+LC).

For any additional questions, contact